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You don't need more sales and marketing.

You just need Perfect Dashboard.

With Perfect Dashboard you get an easily-integrated, fully-optimized sales and marketing platform purpose-built for the hosting industry. That means more revenue for your hosting business and reduced churn as customers receive the service they need and expect from you...not a competitor.

Even better, Perfect Dashboard is funded by a share of new-sales revenue, not a licensing fee or high ongoing cost

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Perfect Dashboard usage around the world

Who uses Perfect Dashboard?

Top hosting companies are already utilizing AutoUpdater to power their businesses. That means over 1,000,000 domains are updated daily thanks to us. AutoUpdater is a completely white-labelled solution, but just take a look at the companies which have started offering fully managed WordPress plans recently and you can have an idea of who is behind this. We are also a preferred partner of WP Engine, the world's biggest WordPress-only hosting company.

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What is Perfect Dashboard?

Perfect Dashboard is the leading source of WordPress innovation in the hosting industry. We created AutoUpdater, which automates keeping websites up-to-date while jump starting hosting revenue from an existing customer base.

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Perfect Dashboard works with

Plugins & Themes

including paid ones


Direct Admin

Other security
solutions and CDNs

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Consequences of outdated websites being hacked


Being hacked is the #1 reason why people leave hosting companies according to

Support Load

Contacting hosting support is always the first step after hacking


People blame hosting company for not preventing the hacking

Extensive Outgoing

Spam sent by hacked websites amounts to 20% of total infrastructure cost

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Automated Visual Testing powered by Artificial Intelligence

We are the only one to use our Proprietary Deep Learning Algorithm to test websites after the update to make sure it was successful.

Before the update
Comparison of before and after the update
After the update
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More than just WordPress updates

Perfect Dashboard provides updated not only for WordPress core but also for Themes and Plugins, even those that are not in the official repository. What is more, we also offer a full support for Joomla and it's Templates and Extensions. Our Visual Tests and backup solution work with every PHP based website.

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AutoUpdater is the fastest selling product we have ever offered. Our customers love it!

Jonathan Gafill, CEO, CloudAccess