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Updating CMSs or its extensions is a long and frustrating process. Testing and fixing bugs after updates costs a lot of time and nobody wants to pay for that. We Can Fix This With Perfect Dashboard updating and testing is a piece of cake. With just one click you can update all your websites at once. Then, thanks to automated smart testing engine, you can easily find all eventual problems after the update and fix the websites accordingly. With Perfect Dashboard this process is so easy and efficient that one web administrator can simultaneously manage 5 times more sites than he did before. Therefore he/she can either bill more customers or enjoy more free time.

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According to review Perfect Dashboard was the best website management system especially when it comes to efficiency, professionalism of support and value for money - scoring 4,5/5 point overall.

"Perfect Dashboard is an external option that is by far one of the simpler management dashboards but doesn't lack in features and capabilities "

- Jenni McKinnon, author, WordPress enthusiast

What you can do with Perfect Dashboard

Protect your reputation

With Perfect Dashboard you can be sure that all your managed websites are up to date, free of malware and properly backed up.

Save up to 80% time

Automate your workflow. You don't have to update each website and plugin one by one, nor test them manually after updates.

Earn 5 X more

Managing websites with Perfect Dashboard can increase your income by 30% because you can bill more customers without changing your working hours.

Have everything backed up

Perfect Dashboard not only backs up all your websites automatically, it also verifies whether the backups are not corrupted in the process.

Improve your security

During the backup process Perfect Dashboard automatically scans all your managed websites for malware and informs you about any kind of suspicious code in them.

Be first to know about updates

With Perfect Dashboard you know first hand about CMS or plugin updates. You don't have to look for them in the backend or dig in your inbox.

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Creative companies use Perfect Dashboard

Perfect Dashboard helped to perfom 34000+ updates and 55000+ website tests. Here are some of our clients;

Perfect Dashboard enables us to spend less time managing sites and more time building them. It is an essential service for webmasters everywhere.


Jacob Dixon


Perfect Dashboard enables us to use one central tool for all CMS sites. A tool that shows exactly which sites needs which updates, the ability to immediately process all updates, backups, integrity checks and visual comparison checks in one batch is a golden combination. It is an essential tool, first of it’s kind!


Ingmar de Vos

OutlandWebdesign & IdVos Media

A service that provides solution for both problems is definitely very valuable and for sure will improve the security of your Joomla! website.


Radek Suski


With "Perfect Dashboard" we take care about the security of our websites in a single administration panel, having all necessary action automated. It’s a solution that was missing in Joomla environment.


Marco Freddi

Atec Media

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