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Creating value

For SaaS Companies

Reach millions of small businesses through our network of web hosting partners.

No investments. No risk. No lock-in.

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For Web Hosting Companies

Increase your recurring revenue by empowering your customers with products they need and will fall in love with immediately.

No investments. No risk. Simple integration.

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Why work with us?

SaaS Companies

  • More fanboys/fangirls. We put your product only in front of the right people who will benefit big time from using it
  • Growing market access. 500k small businesses and counting
  • Revenue share only. No upfront fees required
  • Simple integration.

Web Hosting Companies

  • Not spam. Your customers will love personalized product recommendations they will get from you
  • Single integration - Multiple products. Our platform comes with a list of pre-integrated products. And it's growing!
  • Life-time commission on recurring revenue
  • Pure profit. No support burden. No development.
  • GDPR compliant. No additional consent required.
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You don't need more sales and marketing.

You just need Cross-selling as a Service.

Partner with Perfect Dashboard
Jump start your ARPU
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How do we do it?

Proprietary technology behind our targeted sales

Data collection

Thanks to our Web Hosting Partners we can access a wide range of data from customer websites, hosting accounts and billing systems with robust external data sources such as Google, Google Maps, Yelp, Facebook and many others to create one of the most comprehensive databases for small business ever made.

360° Need Analysis

Our scoring scripts utilize Al to analyze big data we tirelessly collect in order to build a need profile for every small business we have access to.

We not only know who they are, but also what they are struggling with these days.

Crafting A Tailored Product Recommendation

Based on the need profile our algorithm automatically recommends products which are perfect matches to a small business's needs.

But we don't stop there. We use data to choose the right story for why this customer needs this product and then we back it with rock-solid data points.

Automated Campaigns

Tailored Product Recommendations are sent out to customers at regular intervals using a Web Hosting company email template.

This boosts both the product sales and the reputation of a web hosting company as a trusted source of cutting edge technology solutions.

Billing & Support made easy

All billing is handled by the SaaS products this way nobody has to build any additional integrations.

Support is also handled by the people who know the products best - their own creators.

Automated Product Installation

Our involvement does not end at the moment of purchase.

We make sure that products get automatically installed and provide onboarding assistance if needed.

Revenue sharing

SaaS Companies


of MRR  

No investment. No risk.

  • No setup fee
  • No additional costs

Web Hosting Company


of MRR  

No investment. No risk.

  • Monthly payments
  • Monthly report of results

We get


of MRR  

...And we do all the work!


This is what our sales technology has achieved

Conversion Rate


We knew that our technology makes a difference. But we wanted to measure exactly how much. The A/B test revealed that the number of purchases increases 4 times when our technology is involved.

Email Click-Through Rate


It's the right product for the right person that makes it. But obviously the facts that messaging is tailored for each user and backed by multiple data points about this small business also contribute to the success.

Email Open Rate


The brand reputation of a web hosting company sending out the recommendation combined with addressing a real need as indicated by our sales engine does the trick.

Not a spam
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Thanks to Perfect Dashboard we've introduced the fastest selling product we have ever offered. Our customers love it!

Jonathan Gafill, CEO, CloudAccess