Why people use Perfect Dashboard?

  • To protect brand reputation
  • To save 50% time spent on updates
  • To manage more websites & increase income
  • To make the Internet a safer place

Hackers are getting more and more clever. Gaining access to a vulnerable website is just a first step. Next, they will use this website to infect unprotected computers of its visitors. Imagine the consequences when everybody finds out that your website is responsible for spreading malware. Regular website updates are the easiest way to protect yourself from that risk.

Everybody knows that before the update you have to perform a backup. Of course you can't be sure whether the backup is 100% ok until you actually try to restore it. Next you need to install all the updates one by one. After that, you have to check whether nothing got broken during the update and the website is working correctly. And finally, you'll have to fix possible display errors. Also it gets way more complicated if you do not want to perform an update on a live website.

But the updating process doesn’t have to be this way. Imagine a tool that performs a backup and automatically restores it on a remote server. Then it will install all the updates and will test the website for you, pointing out potential errors you should fix. All with just one click. And this tool has a name - it’s Perfect Dashboard.

With Perfect Dashboard, every web developer can become a professional website maintenance provider and offer management services at compelling prices. This turns one-time clients into a recurring source of income. Branded reports, that can be generated from Perfect Dashboard, shows what actions have been undertaken on a site and makes a great attachment to a monthly invoice.

But it’s not only about the money. It’s about making the Internet a safer place. It’s about how decision makers see Joomla and WordPress. Right now, their reputation is tarnished as, according to a recent research, every minute some outdated WordPress/Joomla website is being hacked. We want to change this and prove that a regularly updated Joomla or WordPress is far more secure than most custom CMS's. But we need your help. Together we can accomplish this goal and prove that a CMS we are working with is rock solid.

Perfect Dashboard helped to perfom
34000+ updates and 55000+ website tests

There are two extremely important points when it comes to website security: keeping all your software up-to-date and always having a backup. For an obvious reason these features cannot be included directly in Joomla! so we have to cover this area by using external software or service. A service that provides solution for both problems is definitely very valuable and will surely improve the security of your Joomla! website. Radek Suski
Our company manages many projects and we are constantly updating websites to maintain the highest level of security. For a long time we were looking for a solution to make it easier. With "Perfect Dashboard" we take care about the security of our websites in a single administration panel, having all necessary action automated. It’s a solution that was missing in Joomla environment. Marco Freddi
Atec Media
Perfect Dashboard enables us to spend less time managing sites and more time building them. Keeping CMS' up to date is essential for security but there is always the risk that extensions will break. Thanks to the automatic checking of backups and updates we know that any issues will be detected and reported. Perfect Dashboard is an essential service for webmasters everywhere. Jacob Dixon
For us as a full service web development company, a speedy website security management and update tool was something that was missing. We work with WordPress, Joomla and Magento. Perfect Dashboard enables us to use one central tool for all those sites. CMS security becomes increasingly more important and so a tool that shows exactly which sites needs which updates, the ability to immediately process all updates, backups, integrity checks and visual comparison checks in one batch is a golden combination that saves time and improves security. An essential tool, first of it’s kind! Ingmar de Vos
OutlandWebdesign & IdVos Media
Perfect Dashboard simplifies the task of maintaining multiple websites. Less time stressing about updates means more time to be creative and enjoy the good things in life. Alexander Ioannidis
Dynamic Sites Greece
Perfect Dashboard helps me not to forget about WordPress and Joomla updates and saves me hours on website management. It's perfect for people managing multiple websites. Paweł Bobrowski
PB Multi

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