Recommend Perfect Dashboard and earn money

Do you know anyone who is responsible for a website? Recommend them Perfect Dashboard and help them get their job done easier & faster. Once they become customers you’ll get a commission every month.

What’s in it for me?

Perfect Dashboard Affiliate Program gives you an opportunity to earn extra money by recommending Perfect Dashboard to others. For every person that uses your unique link to register and buys a subscription, you will earn a commision from the price they pay. You will receive the money as long as they remain our customers.

Additionally, those people will be grateful, that you have helped them save time and made more money regularly.

What’s in it for people I recommend Perfect Dashboard to?

Not only you will help them increase income and save countless hours on website maintenance, but they will also be granted $25 credits they can use to pay for Perfect Dashboard subscription. It's an exclusive offer, that is not available to the general audience.

Can I join Perfect Dashboard Affiliate Program?

Yes. Everybody is eligible for Perfect Dashboard Affiliate Program.

What is more, if you think you can bring more than 25 customers a month, we can offer additional perks for your users.

All you need to do is send us an email and we will guide you from there.

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