AutoUpdater API

Hosting companies have to pay for extensive traffic generated by hacked WordPress websites which can be up to 20% of total bandwidth. Hosting companies don't have capabilities to update, test and fix all the websites manually.

Perfect Dashboard offers a powerful API to automate the website update process end-to-end and remove the source of spam.

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Deep integration with your existing infrastructure

Website owners expect hosting companies to take up the burden of keeping websites up-to-date and eliminate the #1 reason why websites get hacked. With Perfect Dashboard AutoUpdater, hosting companies which offer WordPress, can automate updating, testing, and fixing websites.

Create highly powerful and customized and business workflows programmatically with the direct calls to our API. This API is the engine behind AutoUpdater and offers all the functionality of AutoUpdater programmatically so you can build absolutely unique updating solutions.

What is more, we provide web professionals with contact from website owners, who are looking for some professional help.

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Jump start your revenue

Hosting market saturation is increasing at an incredible pace and simplified solutions such as Wix, Weebly, and Squarespace are making acquiring new customers even more difficult.

That’s why hosters all around the world are turning their attention into increasing ARPU from their existing customers.

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Perfect Dashboard usage around the world

Who uses Perfect Dashboard?

Top hosting companies are already utilizing AutoUpdater to power their businesses. That means over 1,000,000 domains are updated daily thanks to us. AutoUpdater is a completely white-labelled solution, but just take a look at the companies which have started offering fully managed WordPress plans recently and you can have an idea of who is behind this. We are also a preferred partner of WP Engine, the world's biggest WordPress-only hosting company.

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AutoUpdater is the fastest selling product we have ever offered. Our customers love it!

Jonathan Gafill, CEO, CloudAccess