How Hosting Companies Work on Improving the WordPress Environment?

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WordPress Hosting Best Practices,
Useful for More than Just WordPress


In hosting we often worry about the hardware, the big iron, and overall telecommunications. This key infrastructure drives the internet, but without end users and their software needs, hosting would not be the business it is today. How can we provide the best environment possible? Let’s get to the meat of WordPress hosting best practices. It is incredibly simple to get the open source documentation that can help you as a host or developer, just go to

This documentation covers some great basic best practices for reliability, security, and performance. What’s great is that by following these best practices you can not only just improve WordPress hosting but many LAMP stack applications, including Joomla hosting, Magento hosting, and more.

The key and broad points include:

  1. Keep your stack up to date
  2. Keep your core up to date
  3. Backup (and test your backups)
  4. Utilize version control for development (themes, plugins, templates, extensions, etc.)
  5. Be aware of proper permissions (from the file level to the user level)

But technology changes and moves forward. This documentation is available on Github and ready to be improved by anyone. Good documentation helps users and reduces costs, so if you are thinking of having the best environment for WordPress in your hosting company or any open source project, look at the documentation, incorporate the best practices, and contribute back.