The Perfect Word – WordCamp US Nashville

WordCamp US Nashville

Quite simply, WordCamp US (#wcus), was one of the best events of 2017 for WordPress designers, developers, and hosting companies. The most experienced and committed companies for WordPress were not only just in attendance but a critical component of democratizing the web. We were thrilled to be in the company of the leaders of the WordPress movement. It’s not just software but a core of the internet.

For three days, we the WordPress community were present in Nashville, Tennessee from December 1 – 3. And yes, it’s Nashville, so a few of our team were thrilled by the Johnny Cash and Taylor Swift connections:

WordCamp US - Taylor Swift Education Center
WordCamp US – Taylor Swift Education Center
WordCamp US - Johnny Cash
WordCamp US – Johnny Cash

The sessions were amazing, and community day was focused on global issues from accessibility to localization. Perfect Dashboard had the pleasure of being part of both the Polyglot and Hosting teams during community day. We were able to discuss the future of localizing WordPress and documenting best practices for web hosts. The outcomes of which will be incorporated into both future WordPress code as well as documentation. We couldn’t be more excited to have the opportunity to contribute directly to the largest open source content management platform in the world.

But we are saving the best for last, Matt Mullenweg, was at his finest not only telling the story of WordPress in 2017 but defining the future of content management, WordPress services in the future, and fighting for open source. Matt’s “State of the Word” brought hundreds of people together with excitement for the new Gutenberg editor. Finally, an open source armory to fight the sad (SaaS) platforms of Wix, Weebly, SquareSpace, Facebook, etc. If the freedom and success of hosting companies are important than it is critical to understand where WordPress is heading in the next 12 – 18 months, and it’s all about Gutenberg:

  • Making content creation super intuitive,
  • Creating a new eco-system of content block,
  • Transforming WordPress without leaving the community behind.

It’s just this simple, Gutenberg turns complicated content creation workflows into software that works like an iOS or Android application. It allows for 3rd parties to expand the market with blocks of content that are trivial to improve your website, and finally does not cause a full break with traditional WordPress users.

What does this mean for web hosts? Utilizing WordPress with Gutenberg and Perfect Dashboard is literally an instant software as a solution (SaaS) product in the likes of Weebly or SquareSpace without having to build a completely customized infrastructure. It is the best of all worlds for customer satisfaction as well as long-term growth.