The State Of Hosting Control Panels, Fall 2017 Edition, Released

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I have the pleasure to present you with one of the most comprehensive reports on the state of control panels in the hosting industry.

My colleagues, led by Bartek Jazwinski, CSO of Perfect Dashboard, have analyzed different panels offered by fast-growing shared and managed hosting companies from the US, Europe, and India.

The hosting industry faces a tremendous challenge from rapidly expanding solutions such as Wix, Weebly, or Squarespace. That is why it’s crucial not only to provide customers with world-class infrastructure but also make sure their entire customer experience is seamless.

That is why in “The State Of Hosting Panels” report we have focused on the key factors that are the foundation of Wix success:

• Seamless customer experience while using the product
• Easy website development and deployment
• No required maintenance

As there is almost unanimous consent within the Web Hosting Industry that the future relies on WordPress, the report primarily focuses on the experience of a WordPress user, but it’s applicating to other users as well.

Here’s an executive summary of our findings.

How many different interfaces are there?

Having a seamless interface seems to be one of the biggest challenges of the web hosting industry right now. Almost no one offers a consistent user experience across their entire service. In one particular host, we counted eight different panels which we had to use to perform basic actions.
Luckily more and more hosting companies are working on improvements in that space, so I expect that when we prepare the 2018 Spring edition of the Report some of them will be live already.

Building a website easy as 1, 2, 3

That’s currently the strong side of the industry. Over 92% of reviewed hosting companies offer simplified WordPress installation, and many of them offer WordPress website builders, such as BoldGrid, to make it easier for their users to build their first websites. On the top of that, the support for professional developers which includes staging and easy deployment from a local environment is also getting more and more popular.

Taking over the burden of maintenance

Although it seems that hosting companies have started to realize that their customers expect them to take care of WordPress maintenance, most of them don’t offer an end to end solution. Only one hosting company offers to take responsibility for WordPress updates (including plugins) and testing if the website looks correctly after the update. This may be caused by the high cost of manual work required to offer comprehensive WordPress management.

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